We believe that all dogs deserve training and a responsible owner. Our classes teach responsible dog ownership for owners and basic training and good manners for dogs.
Meet the Trainers & the Classes they Instruct
Life Skills I & II

Hello, my name is Theresa Moe. I have been training dogs for 18 years. I have trained dogs for Agility and 4H Obedience. I have also been a puppy raiser for the OccuPaws Guide Dog Association. I am a Certified Pro Dog Trainer from the prodogtrainer.me training course. The course was created by a world class agility/trainer and a Veterinary Behaviorist.

The focus of my training is now positive games based 24/7 training. I will share games with you that will teach your dogs concepts to carry with them into the real world that we live in. We don't do a lot of the "boring" heel, sit, down, stay, come. We play games that incorporate those behaviors so that the behavior is easier to adapt to the world, like when you take your dog on a walk or visit with friends/family. Wouldn't you rather train your dog through fun games than boring repetition? Teach boundaries so your dog knows how to settle and stay in one place no matter where you are. Learn how to build calmness into your dog so your dog can still focus on you in an exciting environment. Create a fun/reliable recall that can be varied to suit the environment. Work with your dog so that the best response, in most situations, is no response. Create s relationship with your dog so that your dog enjoys being with you and working with you because it wants to, not because you have forced it to. Turn your training thoughts upside down with thinking of what you do want, instead of what you don't want. Remember your "Why" for getting a dog and work towards that goal. Hope to see you in class soon! 

All classes are 7 weeks long, 1 hour each week and cost $125, unless otherwise specified.

Class Requirements: Training enrollment form, Vaccination paperwork showing Distemper, Bordetella & Rabies are current, dog on a leash and collar(no flexileads), treats or dinner for class and some kind of mat or blanket for your dog to sit on.