The Dawg Zone daycare will provide a fun, supervised, safe and positive environment for your pet to play, make friends and get the physical and mental exercise they need at the same time. The Dawg Zone provides an environment that:
Provides the exercise your dog needs
Teaches your dog basic manners
Develops socialization skills
Curbs destructive behavior
Reduces separation anxiety
Lets your dog have fun all day
Play Space
Over 3500 sq ft of Air Conditioned indoor play with 3/4 inch thick rubber flooring
Over 3000 sq ft of outdoor play space
2 separate indoor play areas for different size dogs
Toys for mental stimulation and exercise


Requirements for daycare
Registration by appointment only: Registration Form
     Registration is a 2 step process. First we have a Parent Meet & Greet appointment where we discuss our rules, regulations, expectations and questionnaire. Secondly we set up and Introduction appointment for your dog to meet the pack.
*Special requirements for Rescue dogs
Vaccines Required:
Distemper (if not of age for adult shots must be boostered)
Bordetella (if not of age for adult shots must be boostered)
Proof of an intestinal parasite free stool sample checked by your Vet 1-2 weeks before starting daycare.
Spayed or Neutered by 6 months
Price List
5 hours or less (half day) $16.50
Full Day Daycare $24.00
1 Dog 10 Day Daycare Package $230.00
1 Dog 20 Day Daycare Package $440.00
1 Dog 30 Day Daycare Package $630.00
Multi-Dog Family Package Prices Also Available!
Please call us at (608) 756-3545.